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Fire Emblem Warriors Adds Two New Characters, Includes Permadeath


Fire Emblem Warriors Adds Two New Characters, Includes Permadeath

Keep your units alive.

With Fire Emblem Warriors inching closer, Nintendo has revealed some new information about the upcoming musou game. According to a recent Famitsu scan (via Siliconera), two characters from the Awakening game will be added as playable characters: Cordelia and Robin (female).

While the details are scarce, the scan features Cordelia riding a Pegasus which hints at her class in Fire Emblem Warriors. Robin, on the other hand, is wielding a tome meaning that she’ll most likely be a magic user.

Meanwhile, the musou spinoff will be making use of other mechanics from the original Fire Emblem franchise. Aside from the Weapon Triangle system, the magazine also mentioned something about a permadeath “Character Lost” feature which won’t let players deploy characters who’ve fallen in battle. The current details are still a bit vague, but more will be revealed soon.

Fire Emblem Warriors is slated to launch this Fall 2017 on the Nintendo Switch and 3DS. We’ll keep you updated with more information along the way.


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