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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Player Gets Banned for Defending Himself Against a Team-Killer

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Player Gets Banned for Defending Himself Against a Team-Killer

You’ll just have to bite the bullet *rimshot*

If you know nothing else about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds you should at least know these two things—It’s way easier to just call it PUBG and the devs have a very strict stance again team-killing. No, seriously. It’s probably one of the most strict team-killing policies of any shooter that’s out right now. The latest string of unfortunate events marks the second time that the game has made headlines for banning a player but it’s the first time that the policy has felt a little too harsh in the eyes of the game’s community.

The first incident happened when Dr. DisRespect killed one of his teammates after realizing there wasn’t enough transportation for all the players left on his team. The incident snowballed into a digital clash between the popular streamer and PlayerUnknown himself who wanted to make it clear that no form of celebrity would protect anyone from being banned if they don’t follow the rules. Well, it turns out claims of self-defense won’t help you much either.

Reddit user Sxk7 found that out the hard way. Sxk7 and two of his friends hopped online and were matched with a random fourth player to round their squad out. All seemed well in the beginning but Sxk7 says things suddenly turned for the worse while he was separated from his two friends. For reasons unknown, although we’re guessing it was for the sake of trolling, the fourth teammate killed Sxk7’s friends. Let’s take a moment to pause and consider what likely would happen next. If you’re thinking that the rogue teammate would eventually come after Sxk7, then you’re thinking the same way he did. Despite the fact that there was a fair amount of distance between Sxk7 and the team-killer, he decided to track the player down and deliver a bit of vigilante justice by killing the team-killer before leaving the game and reporting the player.

After taking a look at the gameplay footage, however, the decision was made to ban both players involved in the incident. “Thank you for submitting a report. I’d like to inform you that the user reported has been temporarily banned,” the admin said. “According to the Rules of Conduct you were given a 3 day as well for team killing. Next time, don’t kill them and just submit it.”

It turns out PUBG admins frown upon team-killing of any kind, even if a player claims it is in self-defense. PUBG community manager Slyvinlisha doubled down on the decision by explaining that Sxk7 technically had the opportunity to leave the area and continue on. It was the player’s decision, however, to turn around and take justice into his own hands.

“[Sxk7] was AWAY from his friends and the TK’er, it’s an 8×8 map,” Slyvinlisha explained. “If he wanted to go on w/o his friends he could’ve gone away but he didn’t. He turned around, went to the TK’er, killed him and quit the game. He also broke the rules!”

Other players responded by defending Sxk7’s decision. It’s important to note that Sxk7 is marked on his teammates’ maps and vice versa, which means a teammate who is dedicated to killing their entire team can do so with ease. If the team-killer really wanted, they could have followed Sxk7 for the entire game and killed him as well when his guard was down. Either way, rules are rules in PUBG and intentional team killing is simply not allowed.

No matter what.

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