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Arc System Works Announces Boost Beast for the Nintendo Switch


Arc System Works Announces Boost Beast for the Nintendo Switch

Not quite the fighting games we all hoped to see for the Switch.

Arc System Works have been in the news a lot recently, having just announced BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, but they aren’t done just yet – announcing a new game in collaboration with Arzest coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game is called Boost Beast, and it isn’t quite what people were expecting when they saw that Arc System Works were developing games for the system.

Beast Boost is a puzzler in a similar vein to that of Bejeweled, where the player must match up animal-themed tiles in order to clear a level. Connecting up the tiles will cause that animal to be ‘summoned’ at the top of the screen, where they defend against an incoming wave of attacking enemies. It’s all very colourful and cartoon-ey, and it looks like it’ll be a good bit of fun to waste time on for a few hours.

Arc System Works are best known for their line of ultra-complicated but skillful fighting games, namely the BlazBlue and Guilty Gear series, but it’s not unusual for them to release a cute little game like this from time to time. Hopefully this isn’t the only game that the developer will bring to the Nintendo Switch, as many were expecting a BlazBlue title to come to the system. Maybe they’re hoping Boost Beast will hold fans down until they are ready to announce a Switch title? As of right now, we aren’t sure which consoles BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will be headed to, so hopefully we’ll get some good news.

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