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Fire Emblem Heroes Adds 4 Characters from New Mystery of the Emblem

fire emblem heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes Adds 4 Characters from New Mystery of the Emblem

Fight alongside these new heroes!

Nintendo continues to support their popular tactical mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, by adding new content in the form of heroes. The company’s official YouTube account has uploaded a short teaser showcasing Katarina, Roderick, Athena, and Luke who all debuted in Fire Emblem: New Mystery of them Emblem.

Aside from the updated character art, the short teaser also highlights some of their impressive abilities. Listed below are the skills each unit can learn upon reaching 5-stars:

Katarina (CV: Kira Buckland, Artist: kaya8):

  • Rauorowl+
  • Glacies
  • Swift Sparrow
  • Atk Ploy 3

Roderick (CV: Christian La Monte, Artist: Itagaki Hako):

  • Firesweep L+
  • Rally Def/Res
  • Drag Back
  • Drive Def 2

Athena (CV: Cristina Valenzuela, Artist: Miyuu):

  • Wo Dao+
  • Moonbow
  • Sturdy Blow 2
  • Sword Exp. 3

Luke (CV: Edward Bosco, Artist: Daisuke Izuka):

  • Brave Sword+
  • Bonfire
  • Fire Boost 3
  • Panic Ploy 3

In addition to the characters, the game will also be getting a new Paralogue Chapter along with some special quests. All of the upcoming Fire Emblem Heroes content is slated to arrive on June 14. The game is available to play for free on iPhone and Android.


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