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Spider-Man PS4: What’s New From the E3 2017 Trailer


Spider-Man PS4: What’s New From the E3 2017 Trailer

Everything from combat to that post-trailer scene…

Spider-Man PS4: Combat

After a long wait and plenty of silence from Sony, Marvel, and Insomniac Games, fans of the Amazing Spider-Man were finally treated to some gameplay that shows the web-head in action. There was quite a bit to take in from the eight or so minutes of gameplay so let’s break it down so you can see what to expect from the upcoming 2018 release starting with the combat.

If you’ve been a fan of Spider-Man games for a long time, then everything should look fairly familiar. The action was reminiscent of Spider-Man 2 (the movie tie-in that released on the PS2, Xbox, and GameCube) and the Arkham series of Batman games from Rocksteady. Stealth appeared to play a large part, which has become a trend in modern Spider-Man games. Taking to beams and rafters while observing enemies from above, using traps to quickly take out foes, and striking quickly from a distance in order to knock out thugs with ease.

Spider-man can also take the fight to the ground and hold his own quite well thanks to his super-strength, extraordinary agility, and Spidey-Senses (a super power that lets him sense incoming danger and dodge it). The PS2 web-slinger game and Arkham Knight are definitely astute comparisons, but it’s very fitting to who Spider-Man is. Rapid combos that are performed with precision after proper observation presents an ebb and flow to the action.

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