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Days Gone Gameplay Demo Showcased at E3 2017


Days Gone Gameplay Demo Showcased at E3 2017

Zombies aren’t the only thing Deacon has to deal with.

Sony lets players step into the world of Days Gone once again after they revealed some new gameplay at E3 2017. Players will have to face some new threats aside from the horde of zombies plaguing the open world. The new demo shows Deacon riding on his motorcycle and getting attacked by both wolves and ruffians.

Luckily, Deacon has access to his own arsenal that he can use to take down foes. Aside from the typical punching and stabbing, he can also get creative with methods like suffocation. He will also have access to some of his own traps that he can throw and use to distract enemies with.

Similarly, Deacon can also use zombies to his own advantage. By destroying barricades, he can send out a horde of flesh-eating monsters to swarm on enemy camps. The gameplay trailer ends with Deacon sharing details about his past before the outbreak while the clip features some of the locations in the game.

Days Gone will be launching on the PlayStation 4 which is slated to release on Dec. 29 later this year. Watch the official gameplay demo below:

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