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Final Fantasy XV’s ‘Episode Ignis’ DLC Release Month Has Been Revealed

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Final Fantasy XV’s ‘Episode Ignis’ DLC Release Month Has Been Revealed

The last of the story content.

With Square Enix’s announcement that Final Fantasy XV would be getting story content based on the main characters of the JRPG – Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis – the publisher has confirmed the release month for the last story pack, which features the intellectual chef, Ignis.

Episode Ignis will launch sometime in December and if the content is like the others, then you can expect to pay $5 for the Final Fantasy XV Ignis-focused content. For people who finish Episode Prompto, a teaser trailer for Ignis’ episode is unlocked, which you can watch right here. The teaser doesn’t show any gameplay at all, but you can see a distressed Ignis who appears to be in a great heap of trouble:

Even though it’s a long six months away, we’re very excited to play as Ignis and learn more about his character. Final Fantasy XV is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. Episode Prompto releases tomorrow and Episode Ignis launches in December; if you haven’t already, you can play Episode Gladiolus right now.


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