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Two Promising New Signs that Overwatch Anniversary Event is on the Way


Two Promising New Signs that Overwatch Anniversary Event is on the Way

We knew it. We all knew it.

There has been a lot of speculation about a possible Overwatch anniversary event coming up soon and it seems like Blizzard is, at the very least, not denying the claims. Before now, the rumors were essentially being driven by information discovered by data miners and the simple reality that Overwatch has quite a bit to celebrate as its one year anniversary approaches. Now, however, more and more signs are emerging that all the rumors have some solid validity to them. It’s not a shocker by any means but it’s exciting to see that developers are starting to acknowledge the conversations about an anniversary special.

The first sign of an event confirmation came from Twitter. When one user asked about a release date for the anniversary special the response from the official Overwatch account was merely about the timing of the event and not an effort to deny its existence.

This was a rather exciting sign but things picked up even more steam inside the official forums. Lead software engineer Bill Warnecke took to the forums to announce that the current PTR will be closing soon. This certainly seems to be right on schedule with the idea of a new patch coming out at the end of the month with a new event in tow as well. Nothing has officially been confirmed just yet but the Overwatch team definitely has something up their sleeves. This comes shortly after Director Jeff Kaplan promised players that there was something special on the way for Symmetra fans.

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