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Death and Destruction Galore in New Prey Launch Trailer


Death and Destruction Galore in New Prey Launch Trailer

Launch is right around the corner.

With Prey’s launch just a couple days out, Bethesda is celebrating with a new launch trailer incapsulating the horror of stopping the Typhon threat invasion aboard the Talos-I space station.

One of the most memorable aspects of Prey is you are able to use an ability called Mimic that lets you turn into virtuality any item in sight, from a devastating weapons to a simple coffee cup. What alien would suspect a coffee cup running from room to room? It’s fool proof.

Other interesting abilities include Mindjack where you can control other humans, Superthermal that acts like a detonatable fire bomb, and Lift Field where you reverse gravity and send enemies flying upwards. All these abilities and more are learned as you progress through the story, fighting certain Typhon threat aliens.

Prey releases on May 5 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For more why not check out Prey’s lead designer discussing the game’s multiple endings, or how the game’s lead writer Chris Avellone is seeking to toe the line between horror and comedy?


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