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Oh Snap, Could We Be Getting a Far Cry 3 Sequel?


Oh Snap, Could We Be Getting a Far Cry 3 Sequel?

We have to go back!

Later this year in December, it’ll be the five year anniversary of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3. The game received pretty great reviews, spawned a great expansion, and was just a generally great time. (When you can shoot a cage open and unleash a tiger on people you don’t like, you tend to be well liked.) Going off of Ubisoft’s Facebook and Instagram, we may be returning to the game’s Rook Island in the near future, along with the text “An island that has never really left” in French. The Instagram page features the picture and text, along with the question “Does that remind you of something?”.

Now, this could mean a few things. For one, it could be a direct sequel to Far Cry 3 (both Far Cry 4 and Primal exist in their own continuity), or even a prequel set before Jason Brody arrives and begins his descent into madness. It could also mean a remaster for the PS4 and Xbox One, since the game currently isn’t backwards compatible on the Bone. Or maybe the company is just starting the birthday festivities way in advance, because it’s the summer and why not. Ubisoft has yet to say anything on the matter, but when they do, we’ll let you know.

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