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Prey’s Writer Seeks to Walk a Line Between Horror and Comedy


Prey’s Writer Seeks to Walk a Line Between Horror and Comedy

Game over, man.

Bethesda’s Prey is a little over a week away from release, and Arkane is slowly divulging more information out about the game where you shoot aliens in the face on the space station of Talos-I. Earlier today, they released a blog post talking about the game’s story and got lead writer Chris Avellone of Fallout: New Vegas and Baldur’s Dark Alliance fame to speak on the writing process. Avellone met lead designer Ricardo Bare at a panel during PAX East 2013, and Avellone eagerly joined Arkane later on.

Arkane says that Avellone’s writing made him a great match for the story, mentioning his “dark humor” that fit the mood for the game. Avellone says that his influence during the writing process was Aliens, a film whose narrative pacing he says makes it “one of the funniest movies ever…the comedic moments ‘fit’ because of the character reactions and the empathy for their responses – Bill Paxton, especially, but it applies to almost everyone. They’re genuinely funny bits.” Avellone hopes that as tense as Prey can be, there’ll be moments that break tension and offer levity from all the madness going on.

Prey releases on the Xbox One, PC, and PS4 on May 5.

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