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Local Co-op and PS4 Launch Date Announced for Nex Machina

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Local Co-op and PS4 Launch Date Announced for Nex Machina

From the creators of Resogun and Super Stardust HD.

Housemarque, the creators of Resogun and Alienation, has announced a release date and a new trailer for their new PS4 title, Nex Machina. Their latest game will launch for the PlayStation 4 on June 20 and will feature a local co-op mode (the company announced via the PS Blog) so that players can enjoy some pure twin-stick gameplay with their best buddies.

Nex Machina uses a significantly upgraded version of the same engine that was used for 2013’s Resogun which means that Nex Machina’s particle effects will be pretty insane.

Housemarque boasts that Nex Machina will go down as “one of the simplest, purest action arcade games of our generation. A game that will remind you of the arcade classics of the 80’s, but with modern technology to complement that pure twin-stick joy.”

Check out the newest trailer and let us know what you think about Housemarque’s new game!

Nex Machina launches on June 20 for the PS4.


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