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Fury Whips It Good in Darksiders III’s First Trailer

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Fury Whips It Good in Darksiders III’s First Trailer

Unleash the Fury.

Earlier today, Amazon accidentally revealed that Darksiders III was a thing that’s existing. Now, the folks at Gunfire Games and THQ Nordic have released the first trailer for the game, and Fury is ready to be unleashed. The lone female Horseman of the Four will travel to Earth to hunt down the Seven Deadly Sins for the Charred Council, and maybe she’ll slaughter some (read: many) demons along the way.

The Seven Deadly Sins will released by War after he accidentally kickstarted the Apocalypse at the start of the first game. (oopsie!) Darksiders III will take place during the 100-year gap between the prologue and War’s return to Earth, with Fury using her whip and magic powers to kill the Sins and travel the world. You know, just typical Horseman things. Fury, the Rider of the Black Horse, apparently has a strained relationship with baby brother War, given his look of anger when they meet face to face.

Darksiders III arrives on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2018.

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