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Friday the 13th – The Game Is Missing the Crucial Day 1 Patch on Xbox One

Friday the 13th The Game

Friday the 13th – The Game Is Missing the Crucial Day 1 Patch on Xbox One

Xbox One gets the short end of the stick again.

Friday the 13th – The Game released on all platforms last Friday (unfortunately not the 13th) and is already plagued with issues. The game has been reported by many to have tons of bugs, and there have also been a number of reported server issues thanks to the sheer number of players trying to get into the head of Jason Voorhees. That’s not even the start of the problems for the Xbox One version of the game, though.

It turns out that in the Xbox One copy of the game, the developers forgot to apply the Day 1 patch, meaning players are essentially still running Friday the 13th’s beta version. In one forum post, a player has made a few comparisons of menu features, which you can see below, showing that the Xbox version looks a lot less slick. Players are also reporting that the game is constantly crashing as of right now, which is probably turning a lot of players away. There are also a lot of crucial graphics features missing right now, including, perhaps the most tragic thing of all, dynamic hair effects. A travesty!

Above is just one minor example of the differences between the two versions of the game; the second picture is of the Xbox version. See how ‘beta’ that looks?

According to developers in the official Friday the 13th discord server, the Day 1 patch is only missing on the Xbox One version, and they are working with Microsoft to resolve the issue as soon as they can. However, thanks to it being a holiday weekend, the patch will most likely drop on Tuesday the 30th. So it’s basically a Day 4 patch. By then, every version will be running on the same patch, and all the crisis will be averted. Apart from the thousands of Xbox owners who’ve already given up on the game.

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