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For Honor 1.07 Patch Tweaks Progression System Next Week

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For Honor 1.07 Patch Tweaks Progression System Next Week

Increases XP gain and lowers upgrading costs.

Ubisoft has revealed the patch notes for the next update of its multiplayer brawler For Honor today. The long list includes changes to gaining experience, upgrading gear, character balance, and more coming May 16 around 8 a.m ET for all platforms.

The biggest change of the patch notes is it will become easier for players to level up and upgrade gear faster. Gaining experience has been increased so, depending on the game mode, players should be receiving between 20-100 more experience points per completed match. Additionally, the amount of steel needed to upgrade individual gear pieces has been lowered, while adding a new Epic rarity of gear to earn after matches and in crates.

“Our data showed players had a hard time to level up new heroes and would not craft early gear as much while having an excess of crafting material at higher levels,” Ubisoft explains in the notes. “To improve this, we changed the cost of steel and crafting material as well as salvage value for gear. We hope to offer a smoother curve while keeping higher level gear a long term goal for high level players.”

The range of reputation levels needed to earn higher tiers of loot has been lowered, so low level characters should get better loot sooner. The stats of all gear have been revamped to support the balance changes, with the new values listed below:

  • Weapon1: Attack, Defense Penetration, Chip Attack
  • Weapon2: Attack, Execution Regen, Revive Speed
  • Weapon3: Attack, Revenge Gain, Super Attack
  • Helm: Defense, Exhaustion Duration, Debuff Duration
  • Chest: Defense, Super Defense, Super Duration
  • Defense, Stamina Use, Stamina Regen

The Raider and Peacekeeper heroes receive new changes to their moves in the new patch, while several characters receive bug fixes. The update also adds the option to customize right stick dead zones for all platforms, and various fixes exclusively for the PC version. Check out the full For Honor 1.07 patch notes here.

Coming alongside the patch on May 16 is Season 2 of its Faction War meta-game, and the Centurion and Shinobi heroes. The two new characters will be unlocked for season pass holders one week before everyone else at no additional cost.


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