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Final Fantasy VII Remake, Kingdom Hearts III Release Dates Could Be as Far off as 2020

final fantasy vii remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake, Kingdom Hearts III Release Dates Could Be as Far off as 2020

Square’s most anticipated games might not be released for quite some time.

If there’s one thing gamers agree on, it may be that long waits for highly anticipated sequels and remakes are never fun. Enter Square Enix with some potentially very bad news on both of those fronts.

In a recent Square Enix financial briefing covering the company’s fiscal year that ended March 31, Square Enix President and CEO Yosuke Matsuda indicated that the company plans to release Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III sometime within the next three years. “We plan to launch each of these upcoming titles in the next three years or so,” Matsuda told investors while showing a slide depicting logos for Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III, among other titles.

This obviously doesn’t mean those games definitely won’t hit store shelves until 2020, but it does mean that they might not release until then. Most of the other games and DLC listed alongside Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III have assigned release dates or windows sometime in 2017. But Square’s first proper Kingdom Hearts numbered sequel since 2005 and its return to the most beloved Final Fantasy game in the series say only that their dates are “to be announced.”

They aren’t the only titles that appear to be even further out than fans were likely hoping, either. Square’s Marvel games, announced in January, are also bereft of release dates, with the first of them also possibly not arriving until 2020. The first of those games will be based on Marvel’s The Avengers franchise, but little is known about the title at this time.

And while Square fans have been waiting for Kingdom Hearts III for close to a dozen years now, they’ve gotten 11 remakes, spinoffs and such in the series over that time. Sony first announced that Square was developing the proper third game in the series during its E3 2013 press conference by showing a trailer.

Final Fantasy VII Remake, meanwhile, is something fans begged Square Enix to give them for years, especially after the company released a technical demo of such a remake for the PlayStation 3 in 2005. But it would take 10 more E3s before Square finally announced Final Fantasy VII Remake in 2015.

Last month, Square revealed that neither Final Fantasy VII Remake nor Kingdom Hearts III would release before 2018, but it’s now apparent that fans could be waiting even longer than that.


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