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Rejoice, Actually Good Marvel Games Are on Their Way

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Rejoice, Actually Good Marvel Games Are on Their Way


Yesterday, Marvel and Square Enix teased an announcement, which many believed would be that the House of Ideas would be added into Kingdom Hearts III. Instead, it turns out that the two are collaborating together on multiple games–starting with The Avengers, introduced with a trailer. With the trailer, we see things that clearly indicators of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes–Thor’s hammer, Hulk’s destruction, Cap’s shield, etc. It’s unclear if this is set in the Cinematic Universe, or its own continuity, a la the upcoming Spider-Man title from Insomniac. Given the ominous hashtag of Reassemble at the end, what is clear is that the heroes are going to have some issues to work through.

Unfortunately, that’s also all we have to go on right now. The first Marvel/Square Enix collaboration will handled by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal of Tomb Raider and Deus Ex fame, respectively. More information about the Avengers game–and others–is expected to come later this year, if not in 2018.

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