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Destiny 2’s Warlock Dawnblade Subclass Feels Familiar, and Still Reliably Powerful

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Destiny 2’s Warlock Dawnblade Subclass Feels Familiar, and Still Reliably Powerful

The flames of Warlock mysticism return.

Destiny 2’s gameplay has finally been revealed, along with some changes to the game’s three main classes – the Titan, Hunter, and Warlock. While many elements of the three Guardian types are still largely the same, subclasses have received various tweaks and transformations. We got hands-on time with several of them and will be breaking each and every one one Destiny 2’s tweaked warriors, starting with the Warlock.

At the event, the Warlock was the only one to have its brand new subclass playable in all three modes that were available to try. In case you’re unaware of the new Warlock subclass in Destiny 2, it’s called the Dawnblade, and it’s a powerful support fighter that can more than hold its own, thanks to some familiar abilities that are perfect for dishing out damage and keeping your avatar alive.

At first glance, the Dawnblade looks a lot like the Sunsinger from vanilla Destiny, and that’s because they are quite similar. The Dawnblade is a Solar subclass that focuses on burning enemies while also keeping you protected. You have your same grenades, and even the jumps are exactly the same. What changes is Destiny 2’s new class abilities which add a third power on top of your grenades and melee, and how Supers as a whole act now.

The Dawnblade’s class ability is a pool of light that you can set to either heal or increase the attack power and defense of whatever Guardian steps in it. It doesn’t last incredibly long once dropped down, but it triggers its effect almost instantly and stays around long enough for it to make a difference. It’s not the same as reviving yourself after an embarrassing death, but it’s definitely a solid way to keep yourself, and your friends, in a tricky fight. When coupled with your flame shield, you become a front line force that deals high damage and can support teammates by adding some extra healing or a bit more oomph to their attacks. It’s perfect for when you’re in a pinch, just like the Warlock was in the original Destiny.

The Dawnblade’s Super is where things really kick it up a notch. You set yourself ablaze, just like with the Sunsinger, only this time you summon a powerful blade that decimates foes either nearby or far away. For a few seconds, you can deal massive damage to adds or bosses with powerful swings, a ground slam, or by tossing huge blades at distant enemies. Using this ability I was quickly able to take out Majors without any issue. Adding to its utility is the ability to sort of fly, allowing for valuable vantage points that let you rain down fire on everything in your wake. It is pure DPS at its finest and it can instantly change the flow of battle.

All in all, the Warlock in Destiny 2 remains quite similar to how it performed in the first game. It’s great at DPS, with abilities and a Super that can cover a wide area. This makes it perfect for dealing with groups of adds, while not minimizing your Warlock’s potential against singular, powerful enemies. The splash damage exhibited by your sword is nothing to scoff at either, allowing you to really let loose and not have to worry so much about precision. My time with Destiny 2 proved that the Warlock will be great for panicky situations, and will still allow for a bit of recklessness with solid recovery and a decent level of defense (you can still take a serious punishment). It’s cool to see the class ability be beneficial to the whole team as well, providing an optional healer which should prove interesting in tough challenges.

I honestly can’t wait to see how other Warlock subclasses perform in Destiny 2. Until Bungie decides to share some more information, safe travels, Guardians.

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