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Twitch Launching New Affiliate Program to Support Non-Partnered Streamers


Twitch Launching New Affiliate Program to Support Non-Partnered Streamers

More streamers will have a chance to make bank on Twitch!

Twitch announced today that it will be launching a new affiliate program that seeks to encourage an expansion of support for non-partnered streamers who aim to make streaming a full-time employment option.

Prior to this program, the ability to monetize content and earn more revenue through channel subscriptions was limited to those streamers accepted into the Twitch Partner Program, wherein an application must be approved by achieving certain criteria as appropriated by the website. For every Twitch streamer that is approved for the program, there are several thousand others who lack access to the on-platform tools that in-turn allow their viewers to financially support them.

The Twitch Affiliate Program will widen the umbrella of support for those still working on growing their audience on Twitch, while also providing an incentive to entice more creators to utilize Twitch itself. At launch, affiliated streamers will be able to access a “Cheering with Bits” feature where viewers can purchase bit emoticons and Twitch will share some of the revenue received when used on their channel. For more on the differences between affiliated, partners, and regular streamer options, check out the chart below.

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The affiliate program is promised to be launched soon, with Twitch stating, “In the coming months we will continue to invest in both our Affiliate and Partner programs to better support creators at all stages of their development. While Affiliates will eventually have access to basic versions of our tools including Subscriptions, Game Commerce and Advertising, we will continue developing additional features just for Partners that are tailored for nurturing the larger communities they manage.”

There will be no application process to become an affiliated streamer, instead Twitch will email the qualified individuals to offer them a chance to join the program. In order to qualify for an invitation, a streamer must have at least 50 followers, and three congruent viewers, seven minimum broadcasts, and at least 500 total broadcast minutes in the last 30 days.

Twitch warns it may take a few weeks to receive an invite after launch, so to make sure to check your email regularity if you do meet the criteria to become a Twitch-affiliated streamer.


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