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Nintendo has shipped 2.74 million Switch Consoles, According to Earnings Report

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has shipped 2.74 million Switch Consoles, According to Earnings Report

That’s a lot of money.

Nintendo’s latest earnings report for the end of the fiscal year (March 31) has revealed that both the new Nintendo Switch console and its games have hit the ground running with some impressive figures.

Since it launched earlier this year in March, the Nintendo Switch has managed to ship 2.74 million units around the world. The new console has of course encouraged gamers to purchase new games with Switch games selling 5.46 million units world wide.

The Switch’s most popular game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, has also been very popular and has sold over 3.84 million units across the globe. 2.76 million were sold on the Switch whilst the remaining 1.08 were sold on the Wii U.

Nintendo has stated it feels confident the Switch and its hardware will continue to be popular and expects to ship 10 million more units in hardware within the next fiscal year along with 35 million more games.

Nintendo also reported that the 3DS is doing well with 7.27 million in sales. The recent release of Pokemon Sun and Moon is thought to have helped boost the portable console’s popularity with combined sales of 15.44 million units. Overall the 3DS has now sold over 66 million units worldwide. Nintendo said it sees as “a platform that we can rely on for software sales.”

The Wii U sold only 760,000 units over the last fiscal year, a 77% decrease from the year before. 14.8 million Wii U games were sold, which is a 46% drop since last year.

Nintendo’s overall net sales for the past fiscal year amounted to ¥489 billion yen, down 3 percent compared to last year. Overall profit was ¥102 billion yen, which is up 521.5 percent, but this includes the vast amount of money Nintendo made from selling the Seattle Mariners.

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