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Here’s How to Sign Up for Diablo III’s Upcoming Necromancer Beta

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Here’s How to Sign Up for Diablo III’s Upcoming Necromancer Beta

Despite having been out for quite some time now, Diablo III will be getting a new piece of DLC in the form of the Necromancer class later this year. Though a release date any more specific than 2017 has yet to be revealed, fans will be able to jump in a beta very soon.

The Diablo III Necromancer beta will give players the opportunity to take a look at the character that comes as part of the character’s DLC pack later this year. Alongside both male and female Necromancer characters, the pack will include an in-game pet, two new character slots, two additional stash tabs, a portrait frame, pennant, banner, and sigil.

If you’re interested in giving the content a try as part of the beta, make sure you simply select the Diablo box under the Beta Tests I’m Interested In section on the Beta Profile Settings page here. While this does give you a chance of being invited into the beta, Blizzard states in its blog post that it does not guarantee you will be selected to take part. Blizzard will be selecting beta tester based on “system specifications, in-game activity, and other factors, including an element of luck.” Successful players will be notified of their invitation to the Necromancer beta via email.

Blizzard hasn’t revealed exactly when the beta will be going live, so just keep checking your inbox in case.

Will you be hoping to join the Diablo III Necromancer beta? Let us know down in the comments below.

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