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Disney Creates Technology That Predicts Movement of Real Objects While in VR

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Disney Creates Technology That Predicts Movement of Real Objects While in VR

Virtual catch with a real ball.

Innovators at Disney Research have created a technology that is able to predict the target locations of real, moving objects while in VR.

This means that while wearing a VR headset you are able to accurately catch a ball while the software tracks the object and places a target location in your view. If you place your hand within the target location, you can catch the ball without leaving the immersion of VR. Disney Research shows off the tech in a demonstration video seen below.

Disney Research states, “We examine three visualizations: rendering a matching virtual ball, the predicted trajectory of the ball, and a target catching point lying on the predicted trajectory…The predictive assistance visualizations effectively increases the user’s senses but can also alter the user’s strategy in catching.”

There’s no telling what amazing things this technology could be used for, since it is able to connect the real-world physics of tangible objects with the virtual experience of VR. The gaming world could sure do some fun things with it’s implementation, as dodging bullets like in The Matrix immediately comes to mind.

Disney Research is a network of labs that work with academic institutions to research innovative news ways to use technology in the hopes to implement them on a global scale. Check out the rest of their YouTube channel for some amazing videos covering things like augmented reality, advanced facial capture, and more.


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