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Diablo III’s Seasons Arrive on Consoles Next Week


Diablo III’s Seasons Arrive on Consoles Next Week

Tis the season.

Late last year at their yearly BlizzCon, Blizzard had announced that Diablo III’s Seasons would finally be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One after being exclusively PC since its initial release. Today, they’ve given us a more concrete date for that: next Friday, the 31st. So all you have to do is wait a week, and then you can dive into some seasonal demon slaying goodness.

With Seasons, Diablo III allows all players to start a seasonal character that can be used to grab loot, turned into a badass, complete challenges, and compete for points with other players on a leaderboard over a short period of time (usually about three months). Once the season wraps up, your character goes into non-seasonal status, and the cycle begins anew. This’ll make for the game’s 10th season overall, and when combined with the upcoming Necromancer class (which we played!), the studio still has plenty for players to go through in their gothic action-RPG franchise.

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