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Devolver Digital’s SCUM is a Survival Game with a Melee Twist


Devolver Digital’s SCUM is a Survival Game with a Melee Twist

Those are some fine looking punches.

Devolver Digital, the publisher behind a bunch of smaller games you’ve likely enjoyed a lot, has released a new video for SCUM, a survival game in the vein of Steam all-stars like ARK: Survival Evolved and Rust, showing off the game’s ambitious combat system. Take a look below.

It seems as if SCUM will have a focus on melee combat, or at least boast a robust enough system that it becomes a viable way to take on opponents in its lawless landscape. The video begins with a cheeky demonstration of how most survival games tackle hand-to-hand combat: with a simple mashing of punches. The video then shifts to a demonstration of SCUM’s combat, which will be more physics-based and have combos or punches and kicks.

A deep well of stats will also dictate how your character performs in various aspects. If your character is heavier they’ll move slower, slimmer or buff means softer or harder hits. Players will asign these attributes in character customization, but they’re also fluid throughout gameplay. Working out and eating well in the world will change your body and stats accordingly. Similarly, getting shot in the head will decrease your intelligence.

These are all pretty ambitious and interesting systems that seem to be going for a different vibe than most adventure games. Perhaps you’ll play a persistent character in SCUM even in death? We’ll find out when the game hits early access in 2017.


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