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One Does Not Simply Rush Payday 3, Says Developer


One Does Not Simply Rush Payday 3, Says Developer

I mean, you COULD, but good on you for not.

Starbreeze has been pretty stingy on details regarding Payday 3 since they announced it last year, barring the news that it would be coming to current gen consoles. Today, during their financial report, CEO Bo Andersson Klint said that the game had gone into production and “at full design stage.”

As far as when we can expect the crime game, however, it’ll still be a while. Not just because of its development, but also because Starbreeze recognizes it as their most important brand today, so they want to ensure that it’ll be the best product that it can be, so it’ll be done when it’s done. “You simply don’t rush Payday 3,” Klint said, saying that updates will likely be few and far between.

While it’s a bummer that Payday 3 won’t be out for at least a year or two, the second game is currently on PS4 and Xbox One. If you need something to make you feel like a thief, you can’t go wrong with that.

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