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State of Decay 2 Concept Art is Scenic and Sinister


State of Decay 2 Concept Art is Scenic and Sinister

Zombie ignores picturesque sunset.

Undead Labs’ upcoming sequel, State of Decay 2, is still a way off – with its release date to be revealed at this year’s E3. That hasn’t stopped the developer from sharing some concept art with fans on its official website.

State of Decay 2

As you can see, the game is looking pretty sweet, exposing beautiful scenery in that kind of haunting, creepy way that apocalyptic stories can. The single figure of the undead, or dying, or just plain dead chap in the foreground underscores the shot with a grim tone.

The games Art Director said: “That one was really a mood piece more than anything. State of Decay has always tried to emphasize the quiet moments and the beauty from a still world. It helps punctuate the moments when things go ….bad.”

The original State of Decay came out to much praise. It was a balance of survival horror, action-adventure, and had some stealth elements thrown in for good measure. We liked it, and will be awaiting further announcements for the sequel at E3 in June.

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