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Quantic Dream Has Finished Mo-Cap Footage for Detroit: Become Human

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Quantic Dream Has Finished Mo-Cap Footage for Detroit: Become Human

Become Human might be closer than we think.

Quantic Dream’s next title, Detroit Become Human, is slated to release on the PlayStation 4 exclusively. A tweet that comes from the developers confirms that they have wrapped up shooting all of the motion capture for the game.

Detroit takes place in a future where androids have been invented and have transformed the structure of society. Choices you make in the game shape the story and change the way your character interacts with other people. The actor who plays Kara, Valorie Curry, has shot her last take just in time to celebrate her birthday.


The script took about two years for David Cage to write and the team cast hundreds of actors before commencing a year-and-a-half-long process of shooting.

No release date for Detroit Become Human has been announced yet. Since the team has finished up shooting the motion capture, the game might be closer to release than we thought.


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