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Resident Evil 7 Players Have Collectively Played for Over 600 Years

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Resident Evil 7 Players Have Collectively Played for Over 600 Years

Now that’s some dedication.

Thanks to some juicy data collecting (link warning, some story spoilers) from Capcom, a mere five days after its release it appears Resident Evil 7: Biohazard players have cumulatively racked up over 600 years of in-game time at the time of writing with the number growing rapidly. And get this, that doesn’t even count those who didn’t agree to the prompt at the beginning of the game.

Using those who did accept the prompt, Capcom has collected a wealth of data regarding the play habits of Resident Evil 7 players. Other fun facts it collected include over 14 million km traveled in-game, 23 million enemies killed, and over 76,000 PSVR users.

Capcom also broke down enemy encounters in a fun way, by showing which body parts players tried to destroy to vanquish them. Rightly so, 77% of users went for the head. If there’s one thing the horror genre has taught it, it’s to always go for the head. Other stats that reveal larger story spoilers are hidden behind a lock-screen that can be unlocked when you complete the game.

The best stat has got to be the fact that players opened over 170 million doors but only closed 22 million doors behind them, so 87% of the time that baby was ajar letting in all kinds of spooky things. That, or the fact that almost 700,000 players took the time to closely inspect a bra.

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