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NIS Discusses Porting Disgaea 5 to the Switch, Promises No Downgrades

Disgaea 5 complete

NIS Discusses Porting Disgaea 5 to the Switch, Promises No Downgrades

No downgrades and more games!

Recently, the president of Nippon Ichi Software, Sohei Niikawa, sat down to interview with both 4Gamer and Famitsu to discuss the process of bringing Disgaea 5 to the Switch as well as NIS’s future with the upcoming console.

According to Niikawa, porting Disgaea 5 to the Switch was very smooth, claiming very little about the game needed to be changed. He was also sure to mention that while playing Disgaea 5 in portable mode, the game experience would be the exact same as playing it on the PS4 and that players would see no downgrades to the game’s quality.

There was a high demand by fans to see Disgaea 5 come to a handheld device according to Niikawa, and while the Vita was not strong enough to handle the game without seeing a drop in quality, the Switch is the optimal way to meet fans’ requests. NIS also felt that releasing their key product was the best way for the company to make it’s debut on the new hardware.

When asked about NIS’s future with the Switch, Niikawa explained that the company will definitely be releasing more games on the console in the future. He also said that players should be looking forward to an announcement on this matter in the future. Unfortunately, no date was given, so be on the lookout in the coming days.

It is incredibly exciting to see the Switch being backed by strong, legacy developers bringing beloved games such as Disgaea 5 to the new console. What other NIS games would you like to see come to the Switch? Here’s hoping for The Witch and the Hundred Knight!


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