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Nintendo Switch Gets High Praise from Nvidia CEO

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Nintendo Switch Gets High Praise from Nvidia CEO

“It’s very Nintendo.”

The Nintendo Switch is the new console on the horizon and is set to launch later this year in March. The console is highly anticipated by the gaming community and we can’t wait to see how Nintendo will innovate this time around.

Nintendo has been selective when it comes to what they’re prepared to show off to the public but some industry leaders have had the chance to get a good look at the new console and so far they seem to have been very impressed.

As VentureBeat reports, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has come out with his own positive comments about the Switch, stating:

“It’s very Nintendo, that entire experience is going to be very Nintendo. The beauty of that company, the craft of that company, the philosophy of that company–they’re myopically, singularly focused on making sure that the gaming experience is amazing, surprising, and safe for young people, for children.

“Their dedication to their craft, that singular dedication, is quite admirable. When you guys all see Switch, I believe people are going to be blown away, quite frankly. It’s really delightful.”

It certainly sounds like Huang is impressed, and he out to know given that it has been announced that the Switch runs on Nvidia hardware. We look forward to hearing more about the Nintendo Switch as its release date draws closer.

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