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Capcom Offers a Resident Evil 7 Experience So Real That It Even Puts VR To Shame


Capcom Offers a Resident Evil 7 Experience So Real That It Even Puts VR To Shame

This might be a little too real

Resident Evil 7 is, without a doubt, one of the most highly anticipated titles to be available in VR. It’s an experience that will be incredibly frightening to experience via technology that drops you in the middle of an immersive, horror-filled environment.

But before you pee your virtual pants, Capcom wants to give you the opportunity to pee in your real ones by experiencing a real Resident Evil 7 horror house they set up in London.

From January 20 – 23 Capcom will be hosting The Experience: London, which will allow visitors to come explore the same world they will be immersed in if they decide to pick up Resident Evil 7 or if they have already played the VR demo.

Following the same story as seen in the demo, visitors will take on the role of an intern reporter working for a paranormal investigation crew known as The Sewer Gators. Some of your team members have gone missing and it’s your duty to use the next 45 minutes to discover where they are.

The same scare tactics that have filled Resident Evil games for years will now be hoping to leave you cowering in fear in real life. A trailer for the experience shows two visitors slowly making their way through the darkness and using a flashlight to uncover some pretty eerie scenes.

At one point, a creepy phone call seems to set off a chain of events that would leave anyone second guessing just how brave they really are.

In other words, it’s a perfect recreation of the thrills and chills that Capcom has always delivered through the now iconic horror series.

It sounds like a great experience for any fan of the game but it won’t necessarily be easy to get to step into the world of Resident Evil 7.

Only 28 pairs of tickets will be issued each day so it’s best to show up bright and early if you’re in London and desperately want to be a part of yet another unique marketing effort Capcom has made to push the title.

This marketing stunt comes after they sent select gamers USBs disguised as rotting fingers and unveiled a special candle that will even bring the stomach-churning smells of Resident Evil 7 to your gaming experience.

Resident Evil 7 will be released on PC, Xbox One and Playstation on January 24.

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