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Dark Souls III: The Ringed City Gets a Haunting New Trailer


Dark Souls III: The Ringed City Gets a Haunting New Trailer

The great pilgrimage begins.

Dark Souls III’s second piece of DLC content has been revealed and it looks just as terrifying as you’d expect. Announced today via the From Software Youtube page, this second expansion dubbed “The Ringed City” is set to release on March 28. While details are still scarce on what will be included there’s quite a bit of information to be gathered via the new announcement trailer released.

From what we can gather, it appears that players will be journeying to Londor, which many may only know as the place Yuria and her sisters are from. This rather twisted world is clearly taking place after players have slain the Lords of Cinder as the world reflects the warped changes you see in the final location. While it’s doubtful that this DLC will take into consideration which ending you choose, some of which that would directly affect the events in Londor, it certainly appears to be continuing the main narrative.

It is possible that this is Londor, however, given this is From Software’s last known content for the entire Dark Souls franchise this area seems like a fitting end. We also get a glimpse at new monsters, one of which is a giant fiery demon, magic, weapons, and an electrically infused bow. Either way, we cannot wait to have another excuse to dive into the world of Dark Souls III once more and die endlessly.

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