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Sony Head Thanks Gamers for Waiting for The Last Guardian

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Sony Head Thanks Gamers for Waiting for The Last Guardian

“The Last Guardian is for you.”

The Last Guardian is now only a few days away and we can’t wait to get our hands on this long awaited PlayStation 4 title. Originally announced back in 2009, The Last Guardian has certainly kept fans waiting but now the wait is almost over.

In an unboxing video of the special edition version of the game, Sony’s head of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida thanked fans for waiting for the game and stated that interest in the game helped keep the project going.

“Thank you to all of you, fans of PlayStation, fans of [director] Ueda-san’s work, for all the years we’ve been working on this title, we are able to maintain our momentum, energy and passion because we knew that you are waiting to play this game,” Yoshida said.

“And I hope you enjoy this game when it comes out. The Last Guardian is for you.”

Originally intended to be released on the PS3, The Last Guardian missed several release windows before going quiet for some time. The game was officially re-announced at last year’s Sony E3 conference to much excitement.

The Last Guardian is set to be released on Dec. 6, exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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