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New Steep Trailer Features All the Goodies Packed With the Season Pass

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New Steep Trailer Features All the Goodies Packed With the Season Pass

Is the price too… steep?

Like most other major game releases these days, Steep, too, will come with a season pass. Buying this season pass will give you access to a ton of other DLC content like outfits, challenges, and in-game currency. Check out the new season pass trailer down below.

For good measure, here’s a quick rundown of all the content you’ll get if you do decide to purchase the season pass:


• Snowman Costume
• 10,000 STEEP Credits
• Helicopter Tickets


• Winter Sled
• New Challenges
• New Costumes


• Three New Sports – Rocket Wings, Base Jumping, and Speed Gliding
• New Challenges


• Moonlight Pack – Three Night Challenges, Three Costumes, Two Wingsuits, and Equipment
• Two Boards
• Two New Outfits

In addition to that, Ubisoft also recently stated that they will not be sending out early review copies of the game, as they believe that the core experience is something that can only come to fruition when the whole community has come together to play it at the same time. Steep is set to be released for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on December 2.

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