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Pokémon GO Coming to Apple Watch Soon With One Crucial Difference


Pokémon GO Coming to Apple Watch Soon With One Crucial Difference

It’s almost Pokémon o’clock.

Despite 9 to 5 Mac previously reporting Pokémon GO was cancelled for smartwatch devices, Niantic has recently posted a tweet that states otherwise.

The Pokémon GO Apple Watch app was announced a few months back in September, but no word came from it ever since. When the aforementioned reports of alleged cancellations surfaced, however, the developers responded with the opposite.

Unlike the regular smartphone app, Pokémon GO on Apple Watch comes with one major difference. It does not allow you to catch Pokémon. Instead, the app serves more as a companion app to Pokémon GO, alerting you of nearby Pokémon that you can then catch with the app on your phone.

Other features include the ability to hatch eggs, collect items from Pokéstops and track Pokémon in the vicinity. It doesn’t come with any additional benefits, but when you’re going out for a jog and you decide to leave your phone at home, the Pokémon GO smartwatch app sure is a handy addition.

No concrete release date has yet been set, but it’s likely we’ll see Pokémon GO early on in 2017.

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