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Follow Mario Over the Years in Super Mario Run Promo Video


Follow Mario Over the Years in Super Mario Run Promo Video

From the NES to iOS.

With all the Super Mario Run hype, Nintendo Mobile’s YouTube channel released a video that follows everyone’s favorite Italian plumber since his origins in 1985.

From the NES system to his release on iOS this week, Mario has traversed the Mushroom Kingdom across numerous different systems both handheld and console. Check out the video “The feeling never changes” below for a nostalgia trip.

Super Mario Run launched on Dec. 15 with an astounding 2.85 million downloads on launch day, approximately three times as much as Pokemon Go. Although it is currently only available on iOS, Super Mario Run will be coming to Andriod users sometime in 2017.

In an interview between Bloomberg Technology and Nintendo of America’s President Reggie Fils-Aime, he stated “In order to develop the game and make it as special, we had to focus on one platform and we decided to focus on iOS, iPhone, (and) iPad. And so, in the future, it is coming to Android, we’ve made that commitment and something that will happen in 2017.”

When it comes to all things Super Mario Run, make sure to stick to Twinfinite for the newest guides and news.


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