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The Hardest Fallout 4 Trivia Questions Only True Vault Dwellers Can Answer


The Hardest Fallout 4 Trivia Questions Only True Vault Dwellers Can Answer

Almost as important as the G.O.A.T.

Which version of the drug Mentats give players a +5 Intelligence increase.

A) Berry Mentats
B) Orange Mentats
C) Grape Mentats
D) None

Answer – A Berry Mentats

While Orange increases Perception and Grape boosts your Charisma, only Berry Mentats give you a significant boost to your Intellect in Fallout 4.

In what location can players find the Strength Vault-Tec Bobblehead?

A) Corvega Assembly Plant
B) Trinity Tower
C) Mass Fusion Building
D) Atom Cats Garage

Answer – C Mass Fusion Building

While you can find the Melee Bobblehead at the top of Trinity Tower, the actual Strength Bobblehead is located deep within the heart of the Mass Fusion Building in Boston.

Which settlement utilized the G.O.A.T. testing system before letting the player enter?

A) Sunshine Tidings Co-op
B) Covenant
C) Bunker Hill
D) Finch Farm

Answer – B Covenant

While the other locations all have their own quirks, it’s actually the Covenant that requires players to answer the famous G.O.A.T. quiz before entering.

On the Brotherhood of Steel’s Zepplin “The Prydwen” what’s the name of the person who asks the player to retrieve Technical Documents?

A) Cade
B) Teagan
C) Haylen
D) Quinlan

Answer – D Quinlan

Yes, Haylen does ask the player to obtain different items for the Brotherhood, but she is actually located at the Cambridge Police Station and not The Prydwen.

How many uniquely named robots reside at the General Atomics Location in the Wasteland?

A) 15
B) 16
C) 17
D) 18

Answer – C 17

With the exception of the variety of Mr. Handys and Mr. Gutsys there are 17 specialized robots that work at General Atomics Location. They are, Greeter, Danny, Mack, The Champ, Sprocket, Waitron, Cook Handy, Strike, Kingpin, Tenpin, Split, Lane, Crisp, Torte, Bean, Reg, and The Director.

Which Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV minigame is inspired by the classic arcade title Donkey Kong?

A) Red Menace
B) Captain Cosmos
C) Zeta Invaders
D) Grognak & The Ruby Ruins

Answer – A Red Menace

Found in Vault 111, this game is effectively a Vault-Tec rip off of the classic Nintendo game Donkey Kong, rolling barrels and all.

How many new species of mutated enemies did Far Harbor introduce into Fallout 4?

A) 4
B) 5
C) 6
D) 7

Answer – B New Enemy Types

While Far Harbor introduced some new species, not all of them were actually hostile to the player. Only the Wolf, Fog Crawler, Hermit Crab, Gulper, and Angler are brand new to the series.

What’s the name of the legendary weapon you can obtain at the Rook Family House after completing the quest “Gun Run.”

A) Old Reliable
B) Justice
C) Reba II
D) Tinker Tom Special

Answer – C Reba II

This sniper rifle can only be obtained by either stealing the basement key from Barney Rook or by completing his Mirelurk hunting quest titled “Gun Run.” Given this is a stupidly powerful weapon for the Far Harbor expansion, it’s a must-own for anyone who’s not a fan of the crustacean menace.

Which building’s roof does the U.S.S. Constitution crash land on at the end of Captain Ironsides’ questline?

A) Weatherby Savings & Loan
B) Trinity Tower
C) HalluciGen, Inc.
D) Layton Towers

Answer – A Weatherby Savings & Loans

After you help Captain Ironsides and his crew, you are treated to an in-game cinematic where they crash the beloved U.S.S. Constitution on top of the Weatherby Savings & Loans building. Fun fact: You can actually visit them and claim some additional loot by scaling the tower.

Which Fallout 4 enemy is described as the “…fiercest flying insect in the commonwealth…”?

A) Bloatflies
B) Bloodbugs
C) Stingwings
D) Flying Solider Ant

Answer – C Stingwings

These scorpion/wasp hybrids are considered one of the most terrifying bugs in all of the Commonwealth. While they have a low health pool, their ability to disorientate and slow players down make them a challenging foe if you’re ill-equipped.

Reading what magazine gives players + 5 Radiation Resistance?

A) Giant Insects Invade
B) Rise of the Radiated
C) Invasion of the Zetans
D) Rise of the Mutants

Answer – A Giant Insects Invade

Sadly Rise of the Radiated does not increase your base radiation resistance but increases the effects of Radaway when you use it. Both Rise of the Mutants and Invasion of the Zetans are actually %5 increases to damage against Super Mutants and increased power of the Alien Blaster respectively.

Which of these robots does not compete in the race at the Easy City Downs track?

A) Atomic Dreamz
B) Bob’s Your Uncle
C) Tin Man
D) Ol’ Rusty

Answer – C Tin Man

While Tin Man can be found at the Easy City Downs, he is actually deactivated and doesn’t participate in the race when the player arrives at this location.

Which Fallout 4 companion does not require the player to romance them in order for their unique perk to be active?

A) Cait
B) Curie
C) John Hancock
D) Deacon

Answer – D Deacon

In order to acquire the Cloak & Dagger perk all you need to do is have Deacon in your party, unlike the other three which all require that they fall in love with you.

Of all the Fallout 4 perks, which one features an image of Vault Boy and a man with his arm shot off in the Perk Menu?

A) Quick Hands
B) Penetrator
C) Gun-Fu
D) Critical Banker

Answer D – Critical Banker

This gruesome picture showcases Vault Boy with another person’s arm that’s been shot off. While the others all feature weapons, this image is meant to depict the power behind storing your critical attacks.

Where can the ghoulified Vault-Tec Representative be found in the Commonwealth?

A) Hotel Rexford
B) Parkview Apartments
C) Diamond City
D) Layton Towers

Answer – A Hotel Rexford

Players can actually located the Vault-Tec Representative from the beginning of the game at the Hotel Rexofrd, only sadly this guy has seen better days.


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