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Master Battlefield 1’s New Map With Tips From the Game’s Creative Director

Battlefield 1

Master Battlefield 1’s New Map With Tips From the Game’s Creative Director

Time to overshadow the competition.

Giant’s Shadow, the free map that has just arrived on the scene of Battlefield 1, includes open plains, a collapsed airship, and a brand new weapon that fires grenades from a crossbow.

It’s safe to say that you might need some help getting to grips with everything on offer from this latest piece of DLC.

Luckily, the dev team at DICE are here to sort you out, as the latest “Inside Look” video from Xbox provides some professional tips for how best to play on Giant’s Shadow, straight from the mouth of Lars Gustavsson; the game’s creative director.

Watch below as Xbox’s own Graeme Boyd heads over to DICE HQ in Stockholm to talk with Gustavsson, and others from the team, about Giant’s Shadow.

So what’s the takeaway? Use firebombs and crossbows liberally, and make sure the C flag doesn’t get dominated by the enemy team.

Giant’s Shadow has already been available in early access for about a week or so now, but today the map has been unlocked for every Battlefield 1 player to download and try out, so get fighting soldier!



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