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RIGS’ Winter Season Update Brings a New Stadium, Mechs, and More

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RIGS’ Winter Season Update Brings a New Stadium, Mechs, and More

A winter wonderland for RIGS.

Today, Guerrilla Games unveiled what fans can expect to see in RIGS Mechanized Combat League’s upcoming Winter Season update.

The news comes via a post on the PlayStation Blog detailing that the Winter Season update will be kicking off starting tomorrow, but that the full range of content will drop over the space of a few weeks.

Kicking it all off is the new stadium located in Zurich, Switzerland. This stadium draws inspiration from skate parks, with sunken bowls that connect each of the different sections together. These also allow for some huge jumps, giving players the opportunity to get an aerial advantage over their opponent. The Zurich stadium will be available to play in both single and multiplayer modes, and has its own Trials for players to challenge themselves with. The Zurich stadium will be available for players to check out in RIGS tomorrow, December 20.

APX RIGS are another major addition coming to RIGS in the Winter Season update. These are more agile versions of the original RIGS you’ve grown accustomed to, with an enhanced boost system. You will have to sacrifice some armor resistance for this speedier unit, but this is just the price you have to pay. The first APX RIGS you’ll be able to get your hands on will be the Test and Vampire RIGS, with the Nuke set getting their APX variants on January 10.

On top of the new stadium and APX variants, the Winter Season update will also introduce Weekly Trials. These will consist of high-risk, high-reward challenges which require you to complete six Trials consecutively at increasing difficulty without failing. Though it might be a tough challenge, players will be rewarded generously with unique customization items for their pilots as well as a healthy chunk of credits.

Rounding off the announced new content coming in the Winter Season update was the Customization Store. As the name suggests, this will allow players to purchase new customization options for your pilot with your in-game credits. Guerrilla Games has promised that the Store will be updated on a regular basis and that new and limited items will go up every once in a while. You can check out the trailer for the update down below.

Will you be jumping into the action with this new content on the way? Let us know down in the comments below.


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