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PS4 Sales Up More than 200% Following Pro Launch in UK

PS4 Pro, update, beta

PS4 Sales Up More than 200% Following Pro Launch in UK

Going strong.

With the PS4 Pro in stores now, PlayStation 4 sales have risen 204% in the United Kindgom week-over-week, according to MCV and GfK hardware data.

As stated in the report, launch and slim models of the PlayStation 4 rose 8.5%, while Sony’s new Pro model made up 65% of total PS4 sales during this period. Additionally, PS4 outsold Xbox One, with total PS4 sales responsible for 53% of hardware sales, and with PS4 sales 44% higher than their primary competitor.

Nonetheless, Xbox One still enjoyed positive sales, experiencing an 85% jump week-over-week.

With this data, it is clear to see that hardware sales are healthy leading into Black Friday and the holiday season.

The PS4 Pro launched on November 10th. The most powerful console on the market today has seen both positive and negative criticism, though initial sales appear to be strong.

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This post was originally authored by Adam James.

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