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Final Fantasy XV TV Commercial Shows Off Summons and Luna Edition PS4

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV TV Commercial Shows Off Summons and Luna Edition PS4

Not long now.

Final Fantasy XV has received yet another TV commercial in Japan. The commercial shows off some nice in-game footage, as well as the bundle deals available for the game. You can check out the new commercial down below.

The commercial featured in-game summons including Ramuh and the Titan – both still looking impressive as ever. We also got a look at the cool Luna Edition PS4 Slim, which features a dark moon on the cover plate of the console. The PS4 isn’t region locked, so it can be imported if you’re interested in collecting it.

Japan recently received a Judgement Disc demo as well, where players got to check out the full first chapter of the game. It included side quests, monster hunting, and also allowed players to actually drive the car around town. Square Enix seems to have really cleaned up the combat and gameplay, making it feel a lot smoother when you’re chaining attacks and moving around enemies.

Final Fantasy XV is set to be released for the PS4 and Xbox One on November 29.

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