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Pokemon Sun and Moon Planner Prepares Trainers for November 18


Pokemon Sun and Moon Planner Prepares Trainers for November 18

A neat distraction until the game’s release.

Pokemon Sun and Moon’s release is only eight days away, so it’s probably time to start thinking of what your Pokemon team is gonna look like.

Luckily, one fan has you covered. The unofficial Pokemon Sun and Moon Planner, created by richi3f, is a handy tool that allows you to build your team and suss out its weaknesses, strengths, and resistances prior to release.

The interface is extremely simple, just choose your Pokemon team from a grid map of every single one available (don’t worry, there’s filtering), and you’re off to the races. From there, you can see (in somewhat confusing language) which types your team is strong or weak against and which they resist. This is valuable info to have in Pokemon games, as you can often determine what types you’ll see based on the area you’re in.

Knowing which areas your team  excels in ahead of time can also be beneficial to the player’s time, as it minimizes time spent on Pokemon you don’t already have planned for your team. None of the team building transfers to the actual game, of course, but it’s nonetheless nice to have.


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