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Ban Hammer Being Brought Down on Pokemon Sun and Moon Pirates


Ban Hammer Being Brought Down on Pokemon Sun and Moon Pirates

Nintendo is the law.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is only a couple of days away, but people have had their hands on the titles for weeks thanks to pirated copies of the game making their way online.

But Nintendo is starting to crack down on these lawbreakers by blocking their systems access to the internet. According to forums such as 4chan, this means that they cannot connect to the Nintendo eShop, download previously purchased games, or take advantage of the online feature of any 3DS titles. They are simply redirected to Nintendo’s help site. But as of right now it seems that the only way to reconnect the system is to buy a new one.

The leaks of Pokemon Sun and Moon revealed most of the Pokedex online before the official launch of the game, dissipating the surprise that comes with the release of each new Pokemon title.Thankfully there are still plenty of secrets to discover when the games launch this Friday.

Sun and Moon will take players to the sunny new region of Alola, which is comprised of four distinct islands. Not only are we getting over 100 new creatures, but the original 150 are getting makeovers through the new Alolan forms. This new form changes the Pokemon’s type and aesthetic, mixing things up even further.

Pokemon Sun and Moon releases November 18 exclusively for 3DS.


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