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League of Legends: Elementalist Lux Splash Art Revealed


League of Legends: Elementalist Lux Splash Art Revealed

Ten forms rolled up into one splash.

Elementalist Lux, the latest Ultimate skin to join League of Legends, has ten different elemental forms in-game. While players will be able to unlock all of these variations, the skin has only one splash art, which was revealed today.

The splash depicts Elementalist Lux in her Light form, the form players start in at the start of every League match. Slowly overtime, and by attacking champions, Lux collects elemental power, which can be used to unlock two additional element forms. These two forms can then be combined to unlock a fourth and final form for that single game. You can check out a guide to all the element combinations over here.

Elementalist Lux league of legends skin splash art

Though each element won’t have its own splash art, all ten of them come with their own particle effects, sound effects, recalls, emotes, VO lines, models, and laughs. Yes, there are now eleven different variations of the Lux screech in League of Legends.

Elementalist Lux

There’s no set price or release date for the Elementalist Lux skin yet, but we’ll keep you up to date on any new details. In the meantime, you can check out the Elementalist icons, animations, and more over at Surrender @20.

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