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Get Down to the Beat of Mekazoo on November 15


Get Down to the Beat of Mekazoo on November 15

You can play as a wallaby? I’m in.

Today via the PlayStation Blog, Product Manager at Good Mood Creators Mark Naborczyk announced that 2D platformer Mekazoo will be releasing next week on November 15. Here’s the game’s official launch trailer, which might be the cutest thing you see today.

In the words of the developer, Mekazoo is “a side-scrolling platformer (with optional local co-op) built within a vibrant, neon, 3D world. You’ll unlock five playable animals, all with their own unique abilities: Armadillo, Frog, Wallaby, Panda, and Pelican. In order to overcome the daunting and — at times — perilous worlds you’ll encounter, you can switch between pairs of these Mekanimals on the fly.

“The story of Mekazoo starts when you wake up as the Armadillo and notice all your friends are missing and have been turned into enormous evil bosses. Set out on a mission to save them and turn them back to their nice, cute, mechanical selves (i.e. unlocking new playable characters)!”

The game almost evokes another side-scrolling platformer, LittleBigPlanet 3, which also featured characters with unique abilities that players swapped between on the fly. If you liked the music in the trailer, you can also check out the SoundCloud page for the rest of Mekazoo’s tunes.


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