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PlayStation Pro Last Minute Pre-Order Bonus Offers


PlayStation Pro Last Minute Pre-Order Bonus Offers

The PlayStation 4 Pro has two last minute pre-order deals on eBay today.

In the hours before tomorrow’s release of the PlayStation 4 Pro deals have emerged on Antonline’s eBay store page. There you’ll have the option to pay a little more and get a discount extra controller or pay the standard price with a gift card bonus. There’s even a decent PlayStation 4 Slim Uncharted Bundle with a large $50 Gift Card bonus.

The extra controller offer will cost you $419.99 – or $20 more than the $400 the PS4 Pro will cost elsewhere online. The extra PS4 Wireless Controller that comes with it is a $60 purchase at GameStop or Best Buy, so essentially you’re getting a $60 item for $20 more, or a $40 real world bonus.

A cheaper alternative is the PS4 Pro with a straight up $30 discount. We previously mentioned a $20 PSN gift code deal bundled with a system for $399.99, but in light of this new deal – you’re much better off going with the $30 discount value instead of the $20 PSN “freebie” spend.

If the PS4 Pro is a bit on the pricey side, Antonline’s eBay page also has the PS4 Slim Uncharted bundle with a $50 eBay Gift Card. The gift card is usable on virtually everything sold on eBay, with the only exceptions being minor things like more eBay Gift Cards.

Antonline is a fully authorized Sony retailer, so all systems come with their full warranty’s. Shipping is free in the continental US and sales tax is charged only in CA and GA.

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