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Diablo III’s Necromancer Can Summon Over 100 Skeletons at Once


Diablo III’s Necromancer Can Summon Over 100 Skeletons at Once

Bone Daddy

The newest class to enter the dark and warped world of Diablo III is the Necromancer who has arrived with a bunch of powerful spells and summons to destroy his opponents. Based off the old design for the original Necromancer class, the Diablo III variant has a fantastic mix of old and skills starting with his Command Skeletons summon. When you pick this skill you will instantly get 10 skeletons, however, when you use the active ability your squad will gain a damage boost and you can choose who they attack.

Another skill that is making its return is the Corpse Bomb. This Area of Effect ability will allow the Necromancer to use the dead bodies of fallen enemies as bombs, regardless if you killed them or not. It’s important to note that only the Necromancer class can see these corpses, so it won’t clutter the map for other players. You can blow up to 10 corpses per click of the mouse, which is a fantastic mob killing tool.

Bone Spear has also returned and his a 100% projectile skill that can pierce every enemy. This is a high damage attack that will consume a fair amount of Essence after each use. The Bone Spear is a fantastic way to pile up corpses for you to blow up, adding a lot of synergy to his class.

Diablo III, Necromancer

However, to gain your Essence back you may want to use the Decrepify, which is a curse ability that will give enemies affected an 80% reduction in speed and 20% reduction in damage output. This allows targets to be easily killed, grouped together, or offering a faster means of escape if you are losing a fight.

There are also new Blood Skills such as Syphon Blood which allow you to steal the Essence from a single target. Blood Rush is another new ability that gives the Necromancer a pseudo-teleportation device that turns them into nothing but blood. This can be used to jump across large gaps and close the distance between you and your foes. You can also have Golems, which will come in a variety of different types such as the Blood Golem.

Yet, the coolest ability for the Necromancer is called Army of the Dead, which lets you summon over 100 skeletons to fight for you. When activated they will rush around a group of enemies and instantly explode killing everything around them. This is probably the most powerful move in his arsenal, but damn does it look awesome every time you activate it. After all who wouldn’t want an army of skeletons to fight for you in Diablo III?

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