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Titanfall 2 Disc Image Shows A Titan Chasing A Combatant


Titanfall 2 Disc Image Shows A Titan Chasing A Combatant

Titanfall 2’s disc has been shown.

With Titanfall 2 quickly approaching, it is quite possible that fans of the first game are looking for anything to tide them over before the real deal comes. A month or so ago, gamers were able to enjoy the beta for the game, but now it seems to be all about little details trickling down to the public. We know that Titanfall 2 went gold recently, but now we have an official image of the disc, coming straight from the game’s producer himself, Drew McCoy:

The disc appears to show a soldier running away from a Titan, while shooting at some other foes. Overall, it’s a pretty cool disc. When playing the first Titanfall, it is quite easy to find oneself running away from a giant mech. If you are lucky, you may just survive it. Some discs can be a bit boring to look at, but this one seems to capture the mood of the game quite well.

You can expect to see the disc on Oct. 28 when Titanfall 2 is released.


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