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Sony Says It’s Making a Profit on Every PlayStation VR Sold


Sony Says It’s Making a Profit on Every PlayStation VR Sold

No loss leaders here.

Despite what may appear like high price tags to many consumers, video game consoles are often sold at a loss for much of their lifespans with the console holders making their profits off software, services, and peripherals sales. One of the most infamous examples might be Sony’s PlayStation 3, which debuted in $499 and $599 SKUs, but every unit was still sold at a loss.

PlayStation VR, which is technically a PlayStation 4 peripheral but could also arguably be classified as its own platform, is bucking that trend, says Sony. Speaking with Polygon yesterday, Chairman of Worldwide Studios at Sony Interactive Entertainment and president of Sony Interactive Entertainment America Shawn Lyden said the virtual reality kit is a money maker on its own.

“We’re making money on the VR console,” Lyden said of PSVR. This is despite the fact that at $399 the unit is hundreds of dollars cheaper than more-powerful competitors Oculus Rift and and HTC Vive, which run $599 and $799, respectively.

With its lower price point and PlayStation 4 compatibility, PlayStation VR is widely seen as the headset most likely of the three to reach a mass market. The hardware launched yesterday, and although it may lack the advanced graphical firepower of the Vive or Rift, Twinfinite finds it hard to say anything too negative about the headset.


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