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Sony Will Release at Least Five Smartphone Games By March 2018

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Sony Will Release at Least Five Smartphone Games By March 2018

Are you ready for PlayStation on your phone?

Sony is preparing to follow rival Japanese games publisher and console maker Nintendo into the smartphone game space in the year and a half ahead, reports Nikkei.

The company plans to create and release five or more phone games by March of 2018, and the games will be based on “popular PlayStation series” and may somehow link to Sony consoles. Some of the games may even be previously released PlayStation titles, as Nikkei says back catalog games that aren’t playable on the PlayStation 4 could see a revival. The exact games are expected to be revealed before the end of the year.

As Sony announced back in March, a new division named ForwardWorks has been created to oversee the company’s mobile efforts. At the time, Sony said it would “leverage the intellectual property of the number PlayStation dedicated software titles and its gaming characters,” which aligns with Nikkei’s new report.

The report also states that the handful (or more) games in the works for Sony’s next fiscal year will be targeted to Japan and other parts of Asia. In its announcement earlier this year, Sony was even more definitive, stating that ForwardWorks’ games were at the time only planed for release in Japan and Asia.

CNBC, however, reported today only that those territories will be the “first” to receive the games.

ForwardWorks’ titles will be made available for both Android and iOS devices.


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